How it works?

The premise

With 88% of consumers relying on online reviews as much as they would on personal recommendations, reviews have become the most valuable marketing tool on the planet. And yet businesses have little to no control over the reviews they get online, which dictate the fate of their business. With a negative experience being almost 3 x more likely to prompt a review from a customer than a positive experience, this lack of control and lack of incentive for happy customers to give reviews is a gigantic oversight, that Reviewerrr remedies in a clear, simple online platform.


A requester is any person, business, brand, event or combination thereof seeking to REQUEST a review. Requesters are able to nominate one or multiple reviewers to create focused reviews. Those reviews are NOT posted anywhere online, outside of the Reviewerrr site, until AFTER the requester has approved the review(s) for posting. The requester is paying for all rights, in perpetuity, to the review(s). So if a reviewer creates a negative review of the requester’s products or services, or a review that the requester doesn’t agree with – the requester reserves all rights to NOT have that review published anywhere. Any positive / beneficial reviews, the requester can pay to have those reviews posted by the reviewer to the 3rd party review sites of their choosing.

How it works - for businesses

Create a quick request, advising exactly WHAT you want reviewed, HOW you want the review to be focused.

SELECT who you would like to do your review. If you agree with the review, get the reviewer to post it wherever you want. If not, it won't be posted - ever.

After you APPROVE review(s), you ensure they are posted / published to the relevant online review sites, to your own website, wherever you want.


A reviewer is anyone who wants to create a review based on a real experience with any product or service. Reviewers act as freelance writers who write, and IF their written review is then approved by the requester they write the review for – then POST those reviews online. Anything can be reviewed, by anyone – so long as they have real, 1st hand experience with the product or service in question. Requesters can specifically commission reviews, and can specify exactly what aspect of a product or service (or multiple products or services) they want reviewed in order to better focus the reviews. But it is ultimately up to reviewers to be honest about their experience within the guidelines of the requester’s request / job. If a reviewer has a positive experience – this can be mutually beneficial. If the reviewer does not have a positive experience – to maintain their individual integrity as well as Reviewerrr’s integrity they must be honest about this. The requester still has the final say as to whether that review is ever posted or not, as they pay for all rights to reviews.

How it works - for reviewers

See what businesses are looking for Reviews to be conducted. If you think you can give them what they want via a genuine Review, then BID on their job(s)!

Whether you've been a customer of the business before or not - you can still help. Some requesters will pay you to review, and may also reimburse costs to test their products / services!

If you meet the requester's guidelines of HOW they want you to focus the review (whilst always remaining honest) and where they want it posted, then... cha-ching! You get paid!