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We’re looking for users to test drive and review our employee incentive platform, in a concise, impartial and objective manner.
Your review must be 200 to 350 words, and must include specific details regarding the user experience, and must follow the ‘Focus of review’ points listed below.

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Your Job title and the industry that you specialise in to also be included in your draft review.
Once we have received your custom bid on this job we will be in touch with log-in details and further specifics regarding completion.

Budget: AUS 50.00 - AUS 50.00

Tags: Engagement, Incentives, Rewards

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Focus of review - What specifically do you want the focus of the review to be? (optional):

How well it worked as a platform to make target-based incentives clear, How comprehensive its functionality was around showing rewards, incentives, awards, How good it was as a way to improve productivity via the (i) Project Management module and (ii) Tasks within Project Management, The suggestion box - how important that open line of communication, encouragement of ideas, and ability to make ANONYMOUS suggestions was, Overall layout, design, ease of use, Competitions, leaderboards - way of bringing out competitive nature, and building a team spirit of performing etc

October 5, 2018