Rules For Reviews

No fake reviews

Every review written and submitted to Requesters MUST be honest, and a true review based on actual experience with the Requesters business. Reviewerrr aims to provide positive reviews for business owners to use to promote their brand – however, negative reviews still happen and if they receive a negative review via Reviewerrr, that’s fine. They can CONTROL if the negative reviews are ever published, because they are purchasing the rights via the Reviewerrr platform to ALL reviews they receive – so if they don’t like some reviews, they can DISAPPROVE those reviews and they must NOT be published to any 3rd party sites by the Reviewers. But Requesters MUST NOT ever insist that reviews are falsely positive, and they MUST pay for any reviews that they commission. They can then make the call themselves as to which reviews to APPROVE for publishing or not. But all reviews must be true, based on real experience, and honest.

Reviews must be impartial

Reviews must be impartial to reflect that the review is honest, has integrity, and is based on real assessment of the Reviewer’s experience with the Requester’s business, product or service.

Good or bad, all commissioned reviews must be paid for

It is the Requesters obligation to pay for ALL reviews submitted to them, IF they have first agreed with the relevant Reviewer to have the reviews created. Whether the review is positive, negative or indifferent to the Requester’s brand, the Requester is obligated to pay for the reviews. Why would Requesters pay for negative reviews? Ownership – if they receive a negative review, they own this review and they can DISAPPROVE it being published to any 3rd party sites. That gives the Requester the final control over how their reviews – negative or positive – are published. Requesters seek positive reviews via Reviewerrr – but for the sake of honesty and integrity, the Requester still has some onus on them to ensure their brand provides a genuinely positive experience to enough of a degree that they can generate honest, positive reviews. Reviews are subjective – so negative reviews are always possible – and if Requesters do not agree with a Reviewer’s negative review then the Requester reserves the right to NOT engage that particular Reviewer for any future jobs. But ALL reviews must be paid for once they are commissioned by the Requester. Positive reviews can be APPROVED for publishing, negative reviews can be DISAPPROVED, that is the Requester’s discretionary call once they receive said DRAFT reviews.

All reviews must be based on first-hand experience

Requesters can ask for reviews to be submitted about their brand (business, products, services or events) but they MUST accept that reviews are only to be created based on actual experience. So if a Requester wants to commission reviews from a particular Reviewer, they must either (a) ensure the Reviewer has had prior experience with their brand and or (b) ensure that they stipulate or facilitate the Reviewer must first have at least a single experience with their business – if this entails the Requester arranging for the Reviewer to sample the brand’s products or services, or if this entails at the very least a phone call or site visit or website visit (to the brand’s website) for the Reviewer to have some experience with the brand’s shopping or service experience, or if this entails the Requester discounting or reimbursing a mutually agreed amount to contribute towards the Reviewer’s experience – one or more of these conditions must be met and any cost / discount or reimbursement amount to the Reviewer, if applicable, must be mutually agreed BEFORE the review is created.

To this end, Reviewerrr as a platform reserves the right to request proof of interaction and or transaction between the Reviewer and the Requester to corroborate that the Reviewer does have 1st hand experience with, either as a customer or in general terms, with the Requester’s business, products and or services. Failure to provide requested documentation may result in the user or users suspension from and or removal from the site.

Reviews must be sighted by the Requester to substantiate that the review was provided and related to them, BEFORE they can be published

Requesters can agree with a Reviewer to conduct 1 or multiple reviews of their brand. But ALL reviews must then also be APPROVED by the Requester (the Requester must read or sight the reviews once they are created in a DRAFT FORM) before the Reviewer is permitted to publish the review(s) on any 3rd party sites. This gives the Requester the final publishing discretion – if they do not APPROVE any of the reviews based on incorrect or inaccurate information or information they disagree with due to any miscommunication etc, the Reviewer is NOT permitted to publish these reviews on any 3rd party sites, now or in the future.

Reviews must meet minimum quality criteria, to qualify for payment

The Reviewer must meet universal quality criteria, as well as any Requester-specific guidelines they may have agreed to – in order to qualify for payment. The universal quality criteria are as follows:

  • reviews MUST be original content – all reviews are submitted to Copyscape to ensure they are not plagiarised from other sites, and are not ‘copy / pasted’ from Reviewer’s previous reviews
  • reviews MUST be spell-checked – normal, full language must be used in reviews – slang, coloquialisms, abridged text (ie ‘texting’ language) and incorrectly spelled or grammatically incorrect reviews do not qualify for payment – the onus is on the Reviewer to pass the quality criteria
  • reviews MUST not include profanity or disparaging comments that could be construed as defammatory about either the brand or any other person or entity
  • reviews MUST be a minimum number of characters – ie single word reviews (eg “Great!”) or reviews that are under 10 words, are generally not considered substantial enough to qualify for payment
  • reviews MUST also (unless otherwise specified by the Requester) be UNDER 150 WORDS to be useable (if APPROVED for said use) on 3rd party sites

EXAMPLES of real reviews for guide as to approximate length of reviews (guide only, please use your own discretion for your own reviews per the above points also):

If you request a review you MUST be authorised to make that request

Only authorised representatives of businesses, brands, venues, events or other relevant entities can request a review. You cannot request a review on behalf of a competitor, rival, or any entity for which you do not have sufficient authorisation to act on the behalf of as this can engender an environment of deliberately contentious or unconscienable reviews.

No soliciting review jobs unless it is in the context of offering a constructive review

You cannot try to initiate the soliciting of payment for anything other than a constructive review via this site. Making an offer to review (ie offer) to a prospective client, and attempting to encourage them to pay for a review, based on the fact that you may otherwise create and or publish a negative review, is unconscienable and potentially defamatory behaviour as well as may be a breach of various Trade Practices, commercial or other laws aside from being a clear breach of the terms of use of this site. If a Requester commissions a review from you, and that review results in being negative – that was a review solicited by the Requester and they are paying for the right to either promote, publish, or withhold from publishing that review – and is an outcome foreseeable by and considered by the Requester – in that context creating a potentially negative review is permissable. But a Reviewer soliciting any Jobs or reviews from potential Requesters and doing so on the basis that the Reviewer may create or publish a negative review if they are NOT paid for their services – is strictly prohibited. Penalties may apply beyond the scope of expulsion from this site and per the terms of use of this site this kind of behaviour may invoke civil or criminal liabilities.

If you are a Requester, we recommend you mentioning that you offer incentives for reviews on your own website

If you offer incentives for reviews, in order to maintain full disclosure and full transparency we strongly recommend that you mention this fact on your website so that your own customers are aware of the fact that you have incentivised at least some of your reviewers.

Something along the lines of:

“Please note some of our online reviews are sourced using incentives, however incentives are offered to encourage reviews whether they are positive or negative equally, and reviews are all based on real, 1st hand experience with our business by real consumers.”

Reviewers must disclose where possible that they have received an incentive to conduct the review

In order to abide by common commercial principles, ethics and or regulations of full transparency when writing online reviews Reviewers must, where possible, state that they have received an incentive in return for the review they have posted – they can add that the review is impartial and they were offered incentive whether it was a positive or negative review.

Requesters can only specify which product or service is reviewed, NOT the nature or content of the reviews

To maintain review integrity, although Requesters can specify particular products or services that they would like reviewed, they cannot ask for or specify any particular review content, opinions or outcomes of said review.

All reviews must be published to the Reviewerrr site

To maintain integrity of reviews and impartiality, all reviews regardless of their positive or negative connotations, must be published equally on the Reviewerrr site as a minimum. If Requesters then ask / commission Reviewers to post any reviews to other 3rd party review sites for the potential marketing benefit of those additional postings, eg for positive or beneficial reviews, that is a matter between the Requester and the Reviewer in addition to the minimum posting of said review on the Reviewerrr site.

Incentives must be cited at the end of reviews on 3rd party sites

To maintain legitimacy of reviews, all reviews that are posted to 3rd party sites (ie to ANY site outside of the Reviewerrr site) must have the following wording added at the end of the review:

“Although impartial, this review was incentivised via”

Business name of Requester must be mentioned in the body of the review

To ensure reviews are connected to the Requester and that for SEO benefits to the Requester, all reviews must mention the Requester’s preferred business name accurately, at least 1 time.

By creating either Offers or Requests on this site you agree to the above Rules For Reviews and this site’s Terms Of Use